środa, 10 września 2008

Idźta przez zboże!

...we wsi moskal stoi

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Robin Easton pisze...

Hi Dear "Lavinka",

I loved your precious comment on my poem. am glad that there are tree in Warsaw. And I can relate to the smoke in winter. I once lived way up north near Canada and even though it was remote, everyone burned wood, oil or coal in the winter and the smoke form all that "burning" was horrible. In this pristine area the horizon was brown, and people often had lung problems through the winter. So I know how hard that can be. I am glad they are insulating some of the homes.

I also really LOVE this site with the close up photos. The fly is incredible. You can see the veins in his wings. I also particularly like the shaft of wheat. It is so lovely and peaceful.

I left you a review on Blog Catalog. You are so deserving of it. Thank you my friend.


lavinka pisze...

Thank you Robin, enjoys me your interest in my blogs. :)

drugi krok w chmurach pisze...

We wsi Moskal stoi??? Już po żniwach:)

lavinka pisze...

Zdjęcie z końca czerwca :)